MOBA for FAV 2011 from 15th to 19th of June in Montpellier.

Becoming virtual is an important part of restoring real personal contacts in our world today.
To us the door is an instrument for a direct meeting. The door has always offered an opportunity of an unexpected encounter. Nowadays this role is slowly fading away.

We do not get together incidentally, we plan our meetings. We often prefer sending a message rather than ringing the bell. In our installation the door gets back its original social sense: “a meeting place“.
The archetypal function of the door is emphasized by making it possible for random people to meet face to face.

Each door is specific, it has its origin and its past. We place different worlds side by side, presenting doors from different places and periods.

All the doors are authentic and keep their original appearance. We are not looking for beauty or perfection, we are discovering traces imprinted by the users.

The installation invites the visitor to play the game by creating an entertaining set-up of encounter.

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Igor Kovačević
Yvette Vašourková
Barbora Šimonová
Kateřina Šrámková
Zuzana Kuldová
Martin Neruda
Tereza Dufková
Guillaume d’Oliveira